Taxi Point Oy

All Taxi services in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Taxi Point Oy - All Taxi services in Helsinki -Vantaa Airport

Founded in 2000, Taxi Point Ltd has established itself as the company responsible for airport taxi transport. Taxi Point Ltd is responsible for the production, as well as taxi services, taxi guidance and supervision of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.
The company is owned by Vantaan Taxi Oy (75%) and Finavia subsidiary Airpro Oy (25%).
Taxi inspectors, traffic controllers and our 24h service provides quite a unique combination.

    Taxi Point Oy
    Rahtitie 3
    01530 Vantaa
    09 838 66 30
    Conpany ID: 0861533-3

      Rahtitie 3, 01530 Vantaa
    Open in weekdays 9-15
    Esa Niinivaara, managing director 09 8386 6311
    Elina Karhula, customer relationship manager, 09 8386 6310
    Raine Tamminen, sales manager 09 8386 6354
    Tuula Tervamäki, finance manager 09 8386 6323
    Juha Laari, billing 09 8386 6366
    Satu Sydänmaa, managing inspecting officer 09 8386 6356
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